Summer 2018

Mala Ruckus will be back together this summer to promote their new album with shows lined up in July, August and September.  Follow their social media for the latest updates on what's to come.

People mountain people sea

The new Mala Ruckus album, People Mountain People Sea, will be released on May 25th. The album features 8 new songs along with 4 remastered tracks currently available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc. 

1. Run (Listen) 
2. Hoverboards (Listen)  
3. Trees, Fields, etc.  
4. Words (Listen) 
5. Sheets  
6. East Hastings 
7. Nowhere Bound  
8. Take it Away  
9. Beast of Our Babylon (Listen) 
10. Fire 
11. Ghosts 
12. Barmaid  

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We are happy to be one of 9 finalists at ČISTÝ FESTIVAL and therefore we have a chance to become one of the three artists with a contract to summer festival tour at REC.stage at Rock for People, Colours of Ostrava, Sázavafest and Sweetsenfest, but WE NEED YOUR VOTE 🙏🏻You can vote between now and the 31st of May. If you vote you are in with a chance to win two free tickets to the festival at Czech republic of your choice! 

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People mountain people sea cover

People Mountain People Sea

Mala Ruckus

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Expected release: May 25, 2018

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